In the world of football, keeping track of player performances is crucial for fans, coaches, and analysts alike. Player ratings provide a quantitative assessment of how well individual players have performed in a match, offering insights into their contributions to the team’s success or shortcomings. In this article, we will delve into the player ratings of the recent match between the Kuwait and India national teams, analyzing the standout performers and key takeaways from the game.

Match Overview

The match between Kuwait and India was a highly anticipated fixture, with both teams looking to showcase their talent and skills on the international stage. The game was characterized by intense competition, fast-paced action, and moments of brilliance from both sides.

Player Ratings

Kuwait National Team


Ali Maqseed (8/10) – Maqseed put in a solid performance, making crucial saves and commanding his defense well throughout the game.


Fahad Al-Hajeri (7.5/10) – Al-Hajeri was a rock at the back, showcasing his defensive prowess with well-timed tackles and interceptions.

Ahmed Al-Tarabilah (7/10) – Al-Tarabilah provided stability in defense and linked up effectively with the midfield.

Hamad Al-Harbi (7/10) – Al-Harbi put in a good shift defensively, limiting India’s attacking threat down the flanks.


Bader Al-Mutawa (8.5/10) – Al-Mutawa was the standout performer for Kuwait, pulling the strings in midfield with his passing range and vision.

Faisal Zaid (7.5/10) – Zaid displayed great energy and work rate in midfield, helping his team maintain possession and control the tempo of the game.


Yousef Naser (7/10) – Naser was a constant threat in attack, using his pace and movement to trouble the Indian defense.

India National Team


Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (7.5/10) – Sandhu produced some fine saves to keep India in the game, although he could do little to prevent Kuwait’s goals.


Pritam Kotal (6.5/10) – Kotal had a decent outing, but struggled at times to cope with Kuwait’s attacking play.

Sandesh Jhingan (7/10) – Jhingan was solid at the back, showcasing his aerial prowess and reading of the game.

Subhasish Bose (6/10) – Bose had a tough time dealing with Kuwait’s wingers, but showed glimpses of his defensive abilities.


Anirudh Thapa (7/10) – Thapa was a bright spark in India’s midfield, driving his team forward with his passing and movement.

Sunil Chhetri (7.5/10) – Chhetri led by example, displaying his experience and quality throughout the game.


Manvir Singh (6.5/10) – Singh worked hard up front, but lacked the service and support to truly impact the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Bader Al-Mutawa was the standout performer of the match, dictating play from midfield for Kuwait.
  • Gurpreet Singh Sandhu put in a commendable display in goal for India, keeping his team in the game with crucial saves.
  • Defensive solidity was a key factor for both teams, with players like Ahmed Al-Tarabilah and Sandesh Jhingan impressing with their defensive contributions.
  • Midfield battle was intense, with players like Faisal Zaid and Anirudh Thapa showcasing their skills in the middle of the park.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are player ratings in football matches?
  2. Player ratings are a way to assess individual player performances in a match, usually on a scale of 1 to 10 based on their contributions on the field.

  3. Who gives player ratings in football matches?

  4. Player ratings are typically provided by sports analysts, journalists, or websites specializing in football coverage.

  5. How are player ratings calculated in football matches?

  6. Player ratings are subjective assessments based on various factors such as goals scored, assists, defensive contributions, passing accuracy, and overall impact on the game.

  7. Do player ratings influence a player’s career or transfer prospects?

  8. While player ratings can provide insight into a player’s form and performance, they are just one of many factors considered by clubs and scouts in player evaluations.

  9. Are player ratings solely based on statistical data?

  10. While statistics play a significant role in determining player ratings, intangible qualities such as leadership, work rate, and tactical awareness also influence the overall assessment.

  11. Can player ratings vary depending on different sources?

  12. Yes, player ratings can vary across different sources due to subjectivity in assessment criteria, personal biases, and differing opinions on player performances.

  13. Are player ratings a fair reflection of a player’s abilities and contributions?

  14. Player ratings are subjective evaluations and may not always provide a comprehensive view of a player’s overall abilities, as football is a team sport with many variables at play.

  15. Do player ratings impact fan opinions and debates about players?

  16. Player ratings can spark discussions and debates among fans, providing a framework for comparing players and analyzing their performances in a structured manner.

  17. Are player ratings published immediately after a match or with some delay?

  18. Player ratings are usually published shortly after a match concludes, allowing fans and enthusiasts to review and discuss individual performances while the match is still fresh in their minds.

  19. Can player ratings be used to identify areas of improvement for individual players or teams?

    • Yes, player ratings can highlight strengths and weaknesses in a player’s performance, enabling coaches and players to focus on areas that need development and enhancement.

In conclusion, player ratings offer a valuable lens through which to evaluate and appreciate the performances of footballers on the field, providing fans with deeper insights into the dynamics of the game and the contributions of individual players to their teams.

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