In Indian astrology, “Rahukaal” holds significant importance. Derived from the Sanskrit words “Rahu” (the North Lunar Node) and “Kaal” (time), Rahukaal refers to a specific period in every day considered inauspicious for any new ventures or important activities. It is believed that undertaking tasks during Rahukaal may lead to unfavorable outcomes. Understanding Rahukaal and planning your daily activities accordingly can help you avoid potential obstacles and ensure success in your endeavors.

What is Rahukaal?

Rahukaal is a daily time slot of approximately 90 minutes that varies each day based on the planetary positions. It is considered inauspicious in Hindu astrology, particularly for commencing new activities, journeys, important meetings, or signing contracts. The concept of Rahukaal stems from the belief in the malefic influence of Rahu, one of the shadow planets in Vedic astrology.

Calculating Rahukaal

Rahukaal is calculated by dividing the total duration of the day from sunrise to sunset by eight. The eighth part of this duration gives the time period for Rahukaal each day. However, the timing of Rahukaal can change based on the geographical location as well. Nowadays, there are apps and online tools available that can provide you with the exact Rahukaal timing for your location.

Significance of Rahukaal

According to Vedic astrology, initiating new tasks during Rahukaal can lead to obstacles, delays, or failure. It is believed that the malefic effects of Rahu are at their peak during this time, causing disruptions and hindrances in one’s endeavors. Hence, many people prefer to avoid starting anything important during Rahukaal to prevent any negative outcomes.

How to Utilize Rahukaal

While it is generally advised to avoid starting new ventures during Rahukaal, there are certain activities that are exempt from its malefic influence. These include activities related to spiritual practices, meditation, charity, and activities aimed at rectifying past mistakes. Engaging in such activities during Rahukaal is believed to neutralize its negative effects and promote positivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I schedule personal activities like haircuts or shopping during Rahukaal?
While it is advisable to avoid important tasks during Rahukaal, personal activities like haircuts or shopping are considered permissible as they do not carry significant implications for success or failure.

2. Is Rahukaal the same every day?
No, Rahukaal varies each day based on the planetary positions. It is essential to check the Rahukaal timings daily to plan your activities accordingly.

3. Can I undertake activities during Rahukaal if they are already in progress?
It is generally best to refrain from starting new tasks during Rahukaal. However, if an activity is already ongoing, you may continue with it rather than initiating something new.

4. How does one determine the exact timing of Rahukaal for their location?
You can use online tools, astrology apps, or consult with an astrologer to determine the precise Rahukaal timing for your specific location.

5. Are there any remedies to nullify the effects of Rahukaal?
Engaging in spiritual practices, reciting mantras, or performing acts of charity are believed to mitigate the malefic effects of Rahukaal and enhance positive outcomes.


Incorporating an understanding of Rahukaal into your daily routine can help you navigate through life’s challenges with enhanced awareness and mindfulness. While it is vital to recognize the significance of inauspicious timings like Rahukaal, it is equally important to remember that positivity, perseverance, and a proactive approach can often overcome any astrological hindrances. By respecting the principles of Rahukaal and making informed decisions, you can increase your chances of success and wellbeing in various aspects of life.

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