Would you like to become a part of our team and work on interesting projects? We are looking for new employees to work in the field of technology. Do you know a language other than English? You can also apply! We will help you learn it if required.

If this sounds like something that could be beneficial for your career, please apply here.

We provide excellent benefits and salary packages commensurate with the knowledge and skill set of each person in the company.

We are looking for writers who can write interesting articles, reviews and guides. If you have knowledge in the field of software, we can use your help. We welcome both amateur and professional writers. 

We are working with a variety of topics in the software field. Each writer receives topics for their articles from the editorial team. Responsibilities include:

– Researching information relevant to your article from available sources (books, journals, online publications etc.)

– Collecting data, examples and screen shots that support your writing (you will be given special access to our servers)

What is write for us?

Write for us is a free writing service that allows writers to hone their skills and earn money. Write for us will pay all writers according to the quality of the articles that they have written. Each article is assessed by our team and the rate at which it has been written. If you think you can help us, apply now!

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important for many reasons. First of all, it provides you with the opportunity to promote your name, business and blog to new people. If you post high quality articles then you will receive more traffic and have a better chance to receive new clients.

You can use guest posting as a marketing strategy on your blog by guest posting on sites that are important for your niche and guest posting opportunities related to them. If you have a blog related to yours, then this will increase the exposure of your blog and improve its ranking in search engines and directories.

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Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. Please post your article on your own website and not on a third-party site that you don’t control.

2. Make sure you use the title of the page for the title of the article

3. Please write your articles to be readable, engaging and informative to readers.

4. Be active on your blog for at least 1 month before requesting guest posting opportunity [this helps us predict which article will work best for you]

5. Be patient – we are hiring quality writers, not robots!

6. Do not spam our blog with “automated” posts and content farms, we will ban you from our program if necessary!

We do not publish these kinds of articles:

  • We will NOT publish links that contain only: “click here”, “read this”, “do this” or similar phrases.
  • Articles with broken links, images or text
  • Articles without any useful information for the reader
  • Articles that promote products or services that are not related to the subject or niche relevant to the website you are guest posting on
  • Unsolicited promotional emails promising links in exchange for money6.

Where should you send your pitch?

Please send your pitch to yogesh@guestfluencer.com.